Gifts for a new teen?
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Where do you browse and order cool stuff for a D&D loving, coding, theater kid?

So I'm trying to make a list fast and I feel like I used to have so much fun shopping in person but online I'm not so good.

I'm looking for super cool mythic art- accessories, room decorations, replicas, that go with fantasy/D&D stuff. I have a vague idea of things that would be cool but nothing concrete enough to google search. Amazon, I'm sure cool stuff is there but somehow not finding stuff. I'm especially thinking replica kind of stuff of cool items and figures in fantasy games/series.

I'm trying to get this done for family tonight and I'm just drawing a blank! He kind of likes science but is kind of done with the 15-20 dollar kits we've gotten him and he used to like. He likes coding and takes classes and might like a robot sort of thing if it did more that walk back and forth.

My first year with a teen (13) and we're not watching tv with commercials or hanging with friends houses so there's really no wanted items to help me out this year.
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Is there a direction they'd like to go with coding? More web, game, data, or utility? No Starch press has plenty of great books to build on programming.

There are 3D D&D characters, some pre-painted, some ready to be painted.
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A new D&D book just came out last week that might be appropriate. I'm not sure if rules and such are appealing to everyone, but I always liked the guidebooks more for their art and lore. Not sure if he digs Critical Role, but they also have various books about their D&D characters and world.
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That age is really the time when cold hard cash becomes the most desirable gift. It's super hard to get the exact right replica or decoration because what they are into is so specific. I'd probably choose a bunch of small things the relatives can buy (so that the kid has something to unwrap) and supplement with $$ or an amazon gift card.

Gifts I have gotten in the past for my D&D loving family members:
Metal dice set (the heavier the better - there are a TON of these for sale)
This battle mat
A screen for the DM (only needed if he is the one running a game)
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My kid's a little younger but was really excited to have a gift certificate to Hero Forge, which will 3D print custom minis. Building the mini is pretty fun.

Gift certificate to a local game shop is also great (some of them have contactless/shipping options).

If the teen is playing D&D with a group remotely, they might be interested in a subscription to DnD Beyond, which makes some aspects of playing online with a group and character creation a lot easier.
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At Code.Org's App Lab, they can build apps they can use on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Code in Javascript or BlockLanguage. Try this intro The price is right at $0. Hours and hours and hours of fun.
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