Paying a transit complaint fine at the NJ municipal courthouse
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My friend is unable to go down to the municipal courthouse herself to pay a transit citation she received (it is a transit complaint with a court summons, but no court appearance is required). The fee is $74.

Would I be able to pay on her behalf by bringing the payment to the clerk's window? Or does she need to make the payment in person? She would rather not mail it due to the unreliability or pay online.

Thanks in advance.
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If you're more comfortable with online financial transactions, could you pay on her behalf and she could reimburse you?
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A number of NJ courts are closed due to Covid, some are open by appointment only, and some are operating out of temporary locations. You should contact the specific municipal court to find out if there are any Covid-related changes and then you can ask them the best way to pay for her. It's probably easiest to pay online. If she'd rather not, then kate4914's option is probably best.
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Look at the citation carefully. Maybe it clarifies. If it doesn't say something like "come in person with identification" I can't imagine why they would refuse you if you show up at the right cashier window with $74.00.
This is not based on knowledge about NJ traffic fines, just general experience paying fees to government offices.
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They want to money, not her. If the court is open, anyone can pay the fine in person or as kate4914 mentioned, you can pay on her behalf and she can give you the cash.
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