Vegan pecan pie recipes, please
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My vegan sister asked for a pecan pie for Thanksgiving this year and I've never made a pecan pie before. I've googled up a bunch of vegan recipes, but I'm looking for recommendations or tips from people who have actually baked a vegan pecan pie and have a favorite recipe.

I bake plenty of pies, including vegan ones, but not pecan. Most of the recipes I've found replace the egg with tofu or aquafaba or flaxseed. I'm comfortable cooking with any of those but each is a little different in terms of texture, etc. I'd also love something low sugar, but not sure if that's feasible in a pecan pie!

I'm good on the vegan crust. My sister lives a few blocks away and we are already in a very careful covid pod together (she's got significant health issues).

So what's your favorite recipe and why?
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Best answer: There are many variations of this recipe, but if you're looking for the best filling recipe it's the approach that uses crumbled saltines as a thickener. I've used this recipe or a slight variation on it for years (using applesauce, not pumpkin puree). Granted, I usually make 2-3 different kinds of pecan pie every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this one is really basic and always everyone's favorite (myself included).
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I think pecan pie is way better with golden syrup subbed in for corn syrup, and a large majority of my family agrees, but not the other one who grew up in Karo culinary country.
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Best answer: I really like this recipe—the ginger cuts the sweetness, and the maple syrup also adds complexity.
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Response by poster: Thanks, (eponysterical) sugarbomb -- Millennium is where my sister's had pecan pie on previous Thanksgivings and I hadn't thought to look for a recipe from them. I'm also intrigued by the saltines approach.
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Best answer: Serendipitously, Connoisseurus Veg just posted a recipe for Classic Vegan Pecan Pie.
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