Help me buy this sold-out Japanese planner (or suggest alternatives?)
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I'd like to buy this Jibun Techo DAYs 2021 planner, but it's sold out everywhere I can find it in English, and also the few places I've found it in Japanese. If you're actually literate in Japanese (unlike me), maybe you can help me figure out where to purchase it online? Bonus: peek at my persnickety list of dated, daily planner demands and suggest alternatives!

For what it's worth, I'd buy a knockoff from AliExpress if necessary, though there don't seem to be knockoffs of this particular Kokuyo item. (I'm not interested in the Jibun Techos with the weekly pages that are readily available on JetPens, though there's a lot to like about their design.)

And/or, I'd love suggestions of other planners, though for the most part I'm too picky to bother indulging: I'm looking for a planner that's large-ish, one page per day, dated, has a ~3mm grid (not dot-grid), lies more or less flat, and has good-quality paper that won't feather. I've used a Hobonichi Cousin for the past few years and am fairly happy with it (though the owner is apparently famously an asshole and these days a covid-denier), and have checked out the undated Stalogy and the almost-perfect-but-not-quite Wonderland 222 daily/weekly combos. As far as my persnickety requirements go, I'm pretty sure that's everything that comes close, but I'd love to be wrong!
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Looks like the some of the stores that use the rakuten web-based megamall have it. results (in japanese).

After confirming the japanese language results, paste in " ジブン 手帳 mini2021" into this proxy service for ordering and shipping. Or try some other proxy service, or rakuten global express.
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As a devout Hobinichi Techo fan, I feel your pain. I always make sure to buy my Hobinichi on the day it's released because I'd hate to miss out for a year. ;) I was going to suggest them as an alternative, but it sounds like you're plenty aware of the company. But now you're making me want to learn more about the Jibun Techo.
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I tried searching Japanese websites for you but it looks sold out everywhere :(

I have similar requirements to you and I'm switching from the Travelers Notebook (the weekly is dated, the daily is not) to the Hobonichi Cousin.
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Oh damn, sebastienbailard, you got my hopes up! But it looks like all the planners on Rakuten are the Diary booklet or the 3-in-1 "first kit" (which doesn't include the daily planner), not the DAYs, which I think had a very short run and was supposed to be re-stocked in October according to the Kokuyo website (but it's past October, so...). Ah well.

jessica fletcher did it, ratso, and thank you so much. It doesn't look like there'll be another run, does it? Also perhaps of interest: the folks behind the Wonderland 222 seem very receptive to feedback, and I'm hoping they'll make a planner next year that integrates daily pages between every weekly set, so maybe keep your eye on it for 2022?
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I did a deep dive on planners this year and ended up with an Appointed weekly planner. I really like it. They have a daily version also, but I think it’s lined instead of a grid. They appear to be sold out on their site but have a lot of shops they sell through.
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