Swiss Colony for more refined palates?
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Growing up my family placed an annual holiday order from Swiss Colony and I have many fond memories of tables covered with Incredible Spreadable cheese, petit-fours, assorted sausages, and a Forest Friends cake. I want to recapture that, but have grown up to be a snobby foodie type and prefer better chocolate, charcuterie instead of a Beef Log, etc.. Where can I get Swiss Colony-esque stuff but for snobby foodies? :)

I know I can buy the things I know I like individually, and make my own cakes and petit-fours and cheese spreads, but there's also something fun and special about ordering from a specific place that has it all for the special occasion. Plus, y'know, I'm tired and there won't be a large gathering because pandemic, and the usual barrage of holiday cooking is not happening.
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Harry and David is at least a step up from Swiss Colony. A notch up from there is Williams-Sonoma. As a Vermonter I would be remiss not to suggest a couple of Vermont options like Dakin Farm, Vermont Country Deli, or Sugarbush Farm. But if you are partial to any particular region and what to localize your order, there are outfits like that all over the country. Search "[name of state or region] gift basket."
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Hickory Farms comes to mind
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My search for pasture-raised cheese spreads was failing to turn up any results. You may have to wait a few years: I remember when all I wanted was a decent low-quality ethical candy. Now there are lots!
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Thanks for the suggestions so far! I definitely want to focus more on the overall "place that sells many tasty things appropriate for holiday celebrations" than any one specific item like the cheese spreads.

Although if you are in the market, there are some smaller cheesemakers that do make excellent spreads, like Sweet Grass Dairy's pimento spread :)

Unless they've changed significantly since I last encountered a Hickory Farms mall kiosk, they're pretty much on the same level as Swiss Colony, and I'm hoping for a step up.
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Try Zingermans, they have all kinds of foodie delights and I’m sure they’d make a custom gift basket if one of their standard ones doesn’t float your boat.
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Oh man, I'd completely forgotten about Swiss Colony until I clicked and saw those petit-fours! Thank you for the nostalgia bomb.

I've never tried Zingerman's but friends talk about their stuff all the time.

Frog Hollow Farms is vastly better (also much more expensive) than Harry & David.

Olympia Provisions does outstanding preserved meats and other items (they're also expensive, unsurprisingly).

P. S. I've had Hickory Farms recently and would agree that they're about the same quality level as SC.
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Bi-Rite and La Cocina are good local options, if you're still in SF.
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Gotta plug Zabar's and Eli Zabar's

And read this article about the difference.

Or some Russ & Daughters sounds delightful.
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Cowgirl Creamery has a nice selection of artisan cheeses.
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Manhattan Fruitier has beautiful, high-quality food gifts, and not just fruit. They have cookies, cheese, candy, salami and other gourmet treats. Their gifts are beautifully packaged, too. If you happen to be sending the gift to NYC, you can even get same day delivery.

I have ordered baskets from them, and the recipients were very impressed with how delicious (and pretty) everything was.
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Nthing Zingerman's, Manhattan Fruitier, and Cowgirl Creamery. All super high quality, with treats in multiple categories. Also, Murray's Cheese.
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If you want to go super fancy for meat you can't go wrong with Jamon Iberico from La Tienda.
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Di Bruno Bros. is fantastic, and has a lot of gift basket type things. Looks like they're also carrying cookies from Isgro's, which is a separate small business and an excellent bakery.

Claudio's is another Philly cheese etc option, I'd say they have the same high quality of food but slightly less "upscale" presentation than Di Bruno's. Claudio's and Di Bruno's are the kind of places you could probably call and talk to the cheesemonger about your personal preferences. (I miss the days when the guys at Claudio's knew me, and my tastes in cheese. Love them.)
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Vermont Country Store has a ton of seasonal foods. The Honeybaked Ham people also have some nice stuff. (Sorry can't link on mobile)
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Chukar Cherries are delicious - more dried fruit and nuts than cheese and sausage though.
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Seconding DiBrunos!
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You may want to browse Goldbelly
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This won't help you (sorry) but readers in Canada (especially Ottawa) will want to know about They deliver shelf-stable items anywhere in Canada and everything else locally.
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