Abstract sculpture toy sets?
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A few years ago in a museum gift shop I saw a large set of irregularly-shaped plastic pieces that could be combined to make abstract sculptures. They came in a plastic canister that was about 18" tall. Now I cannot figure out the name of this set. Does anyone know what this is called? I would also love to learn about similar art-making toys.
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Was it Zolo?
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Oliblocks? I had a set that I bought from... a museum gift store.
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I also think it's Zolo. Here it is in the tube you describe.
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Hi! I used to run a tiny museum gift shop, have a few ideas of what you could be looking for....

Some of these are marketed towards kids, but there's no reason why an adult would enjoy creating things with them.

Was it ShapeScapes? They come in plastic canisters, ranging from 8-in tall to maybe 18-in tall, depending on the size of the set you get. (Edited to fix a broken link)

And a similar vein, take a look at Kaleidograph puzzles. Overlaying colorful layers, like constructing a stained glass window or quasi-snowflake.

Maybe not as abstract, but satisfyingly geometric: Wedgits.
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Edit: No reason why an adult wouldn't enjoy playing with them. I love the Kaleidograph kits.
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My brothers and I had a Wedgits set as kids and we LOVED THEM.
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Came to suggest Zolo, as well. Though, Zolo was wood, not plastic.
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I was thinking of ShapeScapes, but all of these are incredibly cool!
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My kid has a set of ShapeScapes I was given by a neighbor, and I had no idea what they were called until right now - thanks for asking this question!
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Looks like you have your answer, but in case they're of interest - I keep getting social media adverts for Dojo Balancing blocks, which might also scratch the same itch.
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