looking for a coat out of sweatshirt material
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I'm looking for a knee length coat out of cotton sweatshirt fabric (similar to this question, but longer). It's a somewhat uncommon piece of clothing, and I could use a hand spotting one!

I live in a warm climate, and in winter a long layered sweatshirt is enough for me. For easy layering, I'm looking for a long large coat out of sweatshirt material.

The coat (or long hoodie. or sweatshirt dress) I'm looking for is -
- made of all cotton sweatshirt fabric (not polyester)
- at least knee length
- loose fitting
- comes in XL
- has a closure - zipper or buttons (and not a belt)
- has pockets
- is in a neutral color - gray, beige , black, off-white
(-bonus points for having long sleeves with thumb-holes)

Seen any?

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I have one from Hurley like this. It's no longer available, though probably on Ebay (it's a peacoat design, black, in sweatshirt material). Here's a newer jacket of theirs that looks like the same material.
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I'm finding several options that fit everything except the 100% cotton requirement...

Here's I think the best option so far that doesn't meet that criteria though, am I on the right track?
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brainmouse, yeah that's what I'm looking for, though in all-cotton. could even be more oversized (love oversized).
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Fleece is the fabric that sweatshirts are made out of, if that search term helps. And I saw a few using the term coatigan (cardigan + coat) that seemed to be somewhat close.

This is the best I could find, though it looks like it might not hit at the knee, and is a little pricey. The seller seems to do custom orders, so they might be able to lengthen it. Looks like the seller also has a version with no hood.
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Oh how about this one!
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Maybe I should have added: my dream coat would be a shorter version of this one.
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Oh my gosh this is easy then: buy that one and take it to a tailor to shorten! (Assuming that's purchasable and a reasonable price?). Tailors can totally handle tailoring things like sweatshirts.
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(that said, look through the offerings from this etsy store - i think there are a few in there that you'll like?)
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Prairie Underground?
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H&M do this men's one, which is fairly unisex.
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