Remote-based, trauma informed family therapist
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Looking for recommendations! An immediate family I care about, one parent and four adult children, is interested in processing some family trauma and building a healthy relationship to each other as adults. One member suggested engaging a family therapist who could help as a sort of meeting chairperson and resource. Can you suggest a good one? Ideally North America based, and money, within reason, is not a limiting factor. Someone with a well-fleshed-out website is likely to be useful as the family member proposing this project will have something to read before making initial contact. LOTS of suggestions encouraged!
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If this is the US then sharing the state would be helpful as anyone calling themselves a therapist is only permitted to practice in the states where they are licensed. I'm unsure about Canadian rules but if that's where this is, probably best to say that too.

If you're seeking someone who isn't bound by these rules then they would more accurately be called a Coach, and could get in lots of trouble marketing themselves as a therapist for American jurisdictions.
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Response by poster: The people live in New York State, Pennsylvania, and California. Does this legal set up mean they can’t do a multistate session? Or that the family should seek a coach or facilitator rather than a therapist?
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My husband is a therapist in one of the states not stated above and he cannot at this time do remote sessions with anyone not in our state. This may be an obstacle for a licensed therapist. The laws are evolving though with remote. When Covid first hit, he couldn't even do the remote sessions in state until the agency where he works worked it all out with the panels for the insurance companies.
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Some states have provisional licensing rules that allow for interstate practice. I happen to know California isn't really one of them. They allow 30 days to transition a person into their own system.

Maybe they can find a coach, or even some kind of educator. I could see mediation, communications professionals and other types of facilitators could possibly assist.

The practice is usually governed by where the person is located at the time of treatment, not their residence, so I suppose the family could look into gathering together in one of those states and doing some kind of intensive session (several hours or a workshop over several days). Researching "family healing after x state" where x is the type of trauma and state is the state of interest may yield some useful professional websites.
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I highly recommend Gary Direnfeld, I believe he has American clients.
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Don't give up. There may well be folks who are licensed in all three places or who could get that. I'd suggest doing some searches for "adult sibling therapy" and then the name of one of the states. California is big so maybe start there.

You could also look for a trained mediator. They can do some pretty great work, too.
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I've always started with and its filters. But it's like car shopping - take a few of them out for a test drive and don't be afraid to tell them that they aren't a good fit.
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