Gift ideas for the active octogenarian?
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It's COVID times, and normally my brother and I get our Dad gift certificates for Christmas. What do we get him this year?

Usually we buy him certificates for a stay at the coast, and some for local restaurants. Of course, currently, and for many many months to come, he's likely doing neither. He is healthy and active - walks daily, was at my place chainsawing up a huge tree that fell in a windstorm recently, so by no means housebound, but being cautious due to COVID.

He likes nature photography and has some interest in waterfowl hunting and fishing, though he doesn't actively do either anymore, and loves Alaska. Any great books you'd recommend, humor or outdoor adventure type stuff that might appeal (he liked Patrick McManus)? Any amazing camera gear that he'd enjoy? He's very handy - any cool tools you can recommend? I am stumped on what to get him, and he's a great father.
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How about a great photo? I've been following Dave Sandford on Instagram, and he's got some beautiful shots

Here's his website
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Would he be interested in a fitness tracker or apple watch?

If he hasn't read any books by Jon Krakauer, those might be up your dad's alley. Like Into the Wild.
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Best answer: Digital photo frame so he can always see his favourite nature photography and family photos? I got this 15-inch model for my parents, and it’s been a huge hit. I upload photos to it via a google web album (which they can also upload photos to).
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Does he have a tablet for Zoom/ Skype/ Goog Meet? and a stand?
Maybe some music and/or a digital player and/or bluetooth speaker. or a Bose radio/ sound system/ desktop audio. Duirng Covid, would he enjoy porting vinyl & cd to digital?
An external hard drive or 2 for local backup.
Fitness tracker, nice earbuds.
There was a recent question about EB White, a charming and old-school writer, in the best possible way. Read his essays together for an impromptu father & sons book group. similarly, Amazon and others are enabling watching videos together, with chat, which is fun and your Dad likes spending time with you most of all.
I re-watched The Crown in preparation for Season 3, and a biography of Churchill seems a fine idea. The Splendid and the Vile seems popular.
Meal kits - you could all get one every week and cook together.
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Local restaurants may still be an option; many nice ones have adopted to take out/delivery. You'd just need to check - and they can definitely use the business.
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Is there a "personal chef" that delivers in his area?
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Best answer: I gave my avid outdoorsman father Tom Wessel's Reading the Forested Landscape and Forest Forensics and he enjoyed them. They focus on New England.
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