Can I get a toaster oven 11" deep or less?
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I'd like to get a small toaster oven, with a maximum depth (exterior front-to-back) of 11". Does this exist?

It's hard to search toaster ovens by depth or even figure out which dimension is the depth. And the trend in toaster ovens seems to be large ones that can do much more than toast. Are shallow toaster ovens a thing these days?
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Try this list. First non-ad duckduckgo hit on the search slim toaster ovens.
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I think this Panasonic model is smaller than anything on that list. (Looks like the depth is 10.25")
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I have the Panasonic model listed, it is about 11.5 deep at most and 10 deep of cooking space inside. It toasts great but’s not a normal toaster oven, it cooks faster and it’s light when cooking is very bright. It fits perfect on the itty bitty counter space to the left of my stove. It is a bear to clean crumbs from but there are only two of us so it’s manageable. I do suggest you read the reviews out there, it will give a better idea of the pro’s and cons. I love it though.
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enfa, a list with actual dimensions! You are clearly much better at searching than I am, thanks.

neroli and ReiFlinx, thanks for the suggestions. I may try that one since Wirecutter likes it.
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I also have and love that toaster oven, but I literally never use it to make toast. It is vastly inferior to a toaster for toasting. It is GREAT for like... frozen chicken nuggets or reheating pizza or baking a couple cookies (always keep frozen cookie dough in your freezer).

If you're looking for a toaster oven because you want to toast bread, get a toaster instead. They are smaller and better at it.
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I also have that toaster oven and agree, it is both great in small spaces, great for crisping and reheating, and not as good at toast-making, although we have definitely used it to toast melt sandwiches before. I do wish it had a convection feature, but honestly for its size it's been one of my favorite multipurpose kitchen gadgets.
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