If you know who Scott Lilienfield is, this question is for you
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I was both saddened and dismayed to read that Prof. Lilienfield died recently at the too-young age of 59 (link to NYT).

Lilienfeld was widely recognized as the foremost authority on pseudoscience in psychology, as well as a preeminent scholar of psychopathy.
Although I'm not a scientist or academic, psychopathy and pseudoscience are both highly relevant to what I study. So, my question is, now that we have lost Scott Lilienfield far too soon, who else is doing research on the topics of psychological pseudoscience and psychopathy? Any names would be greatly appreciated.
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Take a look at Emory's Lilienfield Lab students, like Thomas Costello, and Lilienfeld's co-authors (quick examples - Christopher Patrick; Ashley L. Watts and Irwin Waldman, also at Emory).
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