Why are there Creature Reports in only some versions of Octonauts?
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My toddler loves to watch the Creature Report songs on the show "Octonauts." But we were watching it last night on BBC iPlayer and the story just ended without a song. I think the Netflix version has them but the BBC doesn't, although I feel like maybe it used to, or maybe it's only in certain seasons? What are the guidelines for identifying which Octonauts streams will and will not have Creature Reports?
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According to Wikipedia:
In the UK, [Creature Reports] were shown as separately scheduled items, but in the American version they were used at the conclusion of each regular episode.
Maybe Netflix is showing the US version? Or maybe the BBC only use the Creature Reports when they need to fill in a bit of time to make the schedules fit?
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Best answer: Hello, my child is also obsessed with Octonauts. When it's aired on TV (on CBeebies) it does not have the Creature Report, so iPlayer doesn't include them. I assume this is for time reasons? I think that CBeebies airs the Creature Report as little separate videos mixed in with other programming - you can find them all here. But they don't show them at the end of an Octonauts episode.

You are right that Netflix includes them at the end of each episode section, so it's a difference in streaming service, rather than seasons. HOWEVER, UK Netflix doesn't have Octonauts anymore, just two of the movies (cause of much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth in my house). But, perhaps your kid can get their Creature Report fix from the link above. Dance break!
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Octonauts At Ease!
Now that that's settled and all the octo-fans are watching, can anyone recommend if the Octonauts books are any good/which ones? There are none at our local library. I could buy them (or maybe ILL) but it would be nice to know if they are at least decent (ie on par with the show) before bothering.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. SaltySalticid, that's a great question and one which I am able to answer because a parent has sent my daughter every single Octonauts book.

Long story short, the very best one is Octonauts Explore The Great Big Ocean. There are a number of others we don't like as much that seem like they are awkwardly adapted from episodes to the book format. But Great Big Ocean is A+.
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Seconding the Great Big Ocean. We also quite liked the Octonauts Christmas books, especially Very Vegimal Christmas.

(Creature report, creature report. CREATURE REPORT)!
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Response by poster: The Sea of Shadows book is pretty good but seems to come from a time before the Octonauts became a show about rescuing, exploring, learning and protecting real-life creatures. The gang meets the King of the Shadows and there's all this sorta fantasy stuff.
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A UK-based Granny mailed the Octonauts kids magazine to us in the US once, and it was a huge hit. If you have a British connection, get them to smuggle you a copy.
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To the original question, I don't have any detailed answer other than kids shows constantly get recut and shown in different ways depending on the network. Like, apparently some countries don't show the live action segments of Molly of Denali.

My kids love the TV show and new Netflix-funded movies; they only kind of like the books based on the TV show but love the original books from Meomi, which loosely inspired the show.

I think their favorite ones are The Growing Goldfish, The Frown Fish (maybe the one with the most sight gags?), and The Great Ghost Reef. But we've enjoyed them all.
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