Psychiatrist for Adult ADHD in NYC
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Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in NYC who specializes in adult ADHD?

I finally received a diagnosis of ADHD last year at the age of 25. After learning more about it and its array of symptoms extending beyond attentional issues (particularly RSD), I've come to see it as the primary mental health issue/obstacle in my life. I've also moved across states recently, and would like to find a new psychiatrist in my area who is a better fit than my current one. Ideally they would be located in Brooklyn, but Manhattan is also doable (it's sort of moot at the moment when appointments are all virtual, but thinking long-term). Willingness to prescribe stimulants is important but not the main issue (my current psych does) - it's just about finding someone with expertise with this diagnosis. Recommendations for therapists with this experience would also be very welcome!
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A friend of mine recommended me Dr. Franklin Schneier for this sort of thing, with the caveat that he doesn't take insurance (iirc — this may have changed), so you'll probably have to pay out of pocket. My friend recommended him specifically because he's willing to talk through things and listen to patients (a surprisingly rare quality), but I moved out of New York before I ended up seeing him, so I can't vouch for him personally. Here's a bio, if you want more info on him.

Contact details:

Franklin Schneier
‭(646) 774-8041‬
631 West End Ave, New York NY 10024-1034
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