Petite XL Sweatpants
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Trying to help my mother-in-law find the unicorn of sweatpants. She needs Petite XL, and wants "baggy, comfortable" sweatpants.

The closest we have come to finding something she likes are these sweatpants from Roots Canada, but alas they dont come in Petite sizes. I have scoured the usual, Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, LL Bean, Macys, etc. but keep coming up short (or not, because finding them in petite is our limiting factor). HELP!
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Have you tried searching for joggers rather than sweatpants? Maybe there's some difference I'm missing but it seems like joggers are rebranded sweatpants. I am admittedly not petite at all, so I could be off the mark, but if the issue is primarily length I find that joggers tend to be designed to be shorter so they could work even if they're not petite. And it actually looks like Old Navy does have Petite XL joggers.
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Kohl's has petite sweatpants.
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Hanes makes them up to XXL. Can testify they are baggy and comfortable.
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Cuddl Duds.
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If you're looking at Canadian sites, I'd suggest trying Northern Reflections. They have a lot of sweat pants and sweat shirts in both regular and petit sizing. The only challenge now is that inventory is (already) starting to get low for Christmas (plus the fact people have been living through the pandemic in sweatpants plus the fact a sale seems to be going on). These are probably too big, but they'd be roomy.
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Do you need petite or just short? So many of these things are crop nowadays (whyyyyy crop is so terrible) so as a short person I often find good cropped ones and get them regular and then they're the right length. But that won't help if it's a rise issue as opposed to a length issue.
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I agree with looking at cropped sweats -- I am short and I have these and love them.
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