Showing videoconference videos - Zoom sucks. Alternatives?
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So after a few videoconferences in Zoom where people shared a screen to show a jerky video I'm looking for alternatives. Is there a better way to do it in Zoom? With a different app? A new platform? I'll pay a reasonable amount for this to not look like a cellphone from 2004.
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In Zoom, when sharing your screen, there's an option you can check called something like "optimize for video playback". I believe it smooths out the video a bit and also makes sure the audio is synced.

I've never been on the receiving end, only the sender, but I watched an entire TV show with a friend this way and she said it was totally fine.
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GoToWebinar has built-in video playback (you upload the videos ahead of time and play them from within the platform) that works really well, in my experience.

GTW is intended to be more of a broadcast platform than a meeting platform, but you could promote anyone whose webcam you wanted to see to "panelist" or "organizer" instead of attendee and that would make things function more like a regular web conferencing platform. GoToMeeting is more oriented for meetings where everyone is on an equal footing as opposed to webinar broadcasts where attendees are muted and not on screen, but I don't remember if you can pre-load videos into GTM.
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I've been looking into this a bit (haven't gotten anywhere) and one of the services that was recommended to me is Kast.
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I do this no prob with google meets. Be sure to share only the specific browser tab, not your entire desktop, nor the window.
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Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams are alternatives. I'm not sure if they are also free or not.
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You may have better luck sharing a previously downloaded video versus sharing a streamed video. It may not be always possible to download the video beforehand. I believe VLC video player allows you to download videos from youtube but the legality of this may be a bit grey if you're doing this to share a video during a conference meeting.
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It could maybe help if everyone turns off their video to save bandwidth while the video is streaming (but maybe that's just lore that has been floating around).
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