Help me find this Christmas album
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For several years I've been trying to find a Christmas album I liked as a kid (1980s).

Here are what details I can remember:
The cover was mostly white, with a red ribbon, and a cartoon ... guy? (kinda leprechaun-ish) I believe bursting out of the ribbon. He had a top hat on. The top hat might have been green or black.
This would have been mid- to late- 80's, I think. That's when I listened to it anyway, though it could have been produced in the 70's. We moved around a good bit, but I believe the album would have come from the US, and was in English.
I think the album title was something like Christmas Party (basically un-google-able). It was definitely child-oriented, and Christian-focused. The songs were something like the leprechaun-y guy was invited to a party, and then discovers the party is for Jesus. I THINK there was some dialog between the tracks, but I'm not certain.
I've searched the google machine, and ebay, and everywhere I know to look, but haven't found it, or even a picture of it.
I know that's not a whole lot of helpful info, but I can try to remember additional details if there are specific questions.
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Vinyl album or cassette tape? Probably not CD.
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Best answer: Could it have been Candle and Agapeland Singers: The Birthday Party?
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Could it have been a Marcy Tigner ("Little Marcy" ) album?
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Response by poster: That's it that's it that's it! omg how did you find it?
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Glad that was it! I initially searched for 1980s christian children's albums christmas party, and for me one of the top results was a filtered search for Children's + Religious + 1980s on, which I happen to know displays album covers in their results. I had a peek, and the cover jumped out thanks to your excellent recollection of it.
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Best answer: And you can listen to it here on Youtube.
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Response by poster: +50 search points for you! thank you!!!
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This Post made me smile. I never heard of this album, but got so much satisfaction from reading this!
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Response by poster: It's on Spotify if anyone's curious:

The new cover isn't as good :)
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