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I used to regularly listen to and enjoy a couple of TV criticism podcasts: Alan Sepinwall's podcasts with Dan Feinberg and (later) Brian Grubb, as well as the Mo Ryan/Ryan McGee podcast. However, Sepinwall hasn't been podcasting since he moved to Rolling Stone, and the Ryan & Ryan podcast seems to have gradually petered out a few years ago. Are there good substitutes out there that do the same sort of thing?

I enjoyed their sense of humor as well as their expertise & their knowledge of how the industry works and of the history of the form. These podcasts featured a mix of reviews/discussion of new shows, returning shows, and deep dives into ongoing series; and they helped me discover new shows that I wouldn't have watched otherwise.
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Best answer: Extra Hot Great is run by the former Television Without Pity folks, with a rotating cast of guests often including Alan Sepinwall. If you like pop culture trivia, they recently spun off a game show podcast that's a lot of fun.

Pop Culture Happy Hour is an NPR podcast that discusses tv as well as music and movies. They just went to five days a week, so you could just listen to the tv discussions if you weren't interested in the other stuff.
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Best answer: Sepinwall and Mo Ryan show up occasionally on the Extra Hot Great podcast, which might tick some of your boxes. It's a bit on the silly side, but takes TV seriously; a typical episode has
- a main feature on a new or returning show,
- "Around the Dial" where each of the participants (usually 3 hosts + guest) talk about something they're watching *right now*,
- "The Canon," where a listener or participant presents an episode of a show from the past and recommends it as an exemplary episode of its series and the participants vote on it
- Winners and Losers of the week, quick little TV news bites
- and Game Time, a trivia/word game/etc. competition round (this can get very goofy)

And PussKillian beat me to it!
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TV, I Say with Ashley Ray is still pretty new but I've been enjoying it so far.
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I really like The Ringer's The Watch. The hosts are long time friends, former music journalists turned general culture critics. To add extra insider-y information to the discussion, one of the hosts wrote on the show Legion and recently show-run the USA show Briarpatch.
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The Watch, on the Ringer, typically covers a couple of shows at a time. They do tend to focus on whatever the Current Prestige Shows are at the moment, though they dig into other stuff from time to time. For binge shows, they’ll typically do them in batches of 3 episodes.

Current episode description, which I’m listening to right now;
Chris and Andy break down the most recent episode of ‘The Mandalorian,’ which played to its strengths and was possibly the best episode yet (1:21). Anya Taylor-Joy joins the show to talk about playing Beth on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ (27:41). Then, Chris and Amanda Dobbins break down the first three episodes of ‘The Crown’ Season 4 (51:32).
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TV podcasts are my most favorite podcasts. I've discarded a lot over the years, and some of my favorites, like Alan Sepinwall's and Mo Ryan's have ended, to my sadness.

Agree with Extra Hot Great! You'll find many of these podcasts are friends with each other and your faves from other casts will show up as guests and make you all smiley.

Appointment Television - Margaret, Kathryn, and Andrew cover TV shows. They are all charming and Kathryn Vanarendonk is a critic for Vulture.

The Televerse - Kate and Noel discuss TV .

Tuning in to SciFi TV - Brent, Kevin and Wendy discuss genre TV, if you like that sort of thing. (I do.)

Then a few more ideas:
Still Watching with Joanna Robinson and Richard Lawson. I really like Joanna Robinson but I have no interest in the shows this podcast covers.

Fighting in the War Room - Katey, Da7e, Patches and David talk mostly about movies but also some TV.
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Best answer: Thirding (or more) Extra Hot Great, though I agree that it is sillier than the Sepinwall/Fienberg podcast was.

I believe Dan Fienberg currently has a podcast called TV's Top 5. I haven't listened to it but based on the description, it might be something you're interested in: "Each episode features . . . Lesley Goldberg and . . .Dan Fienberg breaking down the latest industry headlines . . . offering a deep-dive analysis of the latest tv news and a critical look at current and upcoming shows . . . . Every episode includes an in-depth interview with one of the industry's most powerful showrunners or an up-and-coming new voice."

A bit tangential to your question, but if you watched/have any interest in the Good Place, I really enjoyed the first season of "The Good Place, the Podcast," because each episode covered an episode of the show, but talked to people who worked on it in various roles (costume design, casting directors, writers, visual effects, etc.), which was interesting. The later seasons of the podcast include some of that but had more of a recap feel for each episode, so I found them less interesting.
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Story Screen Presents does tons of media-related podcasts (and they generate a LOT of content), but they have a regular series called "Cathode Ray Cast" which is devoted to television criticism. Full disclosure: Story Screen is a local arts publication and media outlet affiliated with an independent movie theater in the Hudson Valley and I am friends with most of the staff. That said, the podcasts are genuinely good and the folks who appear on them really know their shit so it's always entertaining - I'm not just stanning for my buddies here.
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