It's time for me to jump my way on the trans-Pacific relay.*
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Winter is coming and there's a pandemic on. Please help me find a jump rope!


- Affordable. The cheaper the better. I am not looking for a $70 jump rope. I might be willing to spend up to $20, but it looks like there are a lot of ~$5 jump ropes out there.
- Used is ok.
- Not terrible in whatever way low-quality jump ropes can be terrible. I wouldn't know what this factor is, I haven't really used one since I was a kid.
- Not Amazon or Ebay.

Bonus Criteria:
- Would prefer natural material over synthetic. Or recycled or something.
- Would pay more if there's some sort of ethical option not made in a sweatshop

*Jumping across the Pacific
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Response by poster: PS I am in Santa Rosa CA if anyone has a decent used jump rope they'd like to part with.
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Gopher Sports sells sporting equipment to schools. You can get a set of six jumpropes for about $26. These are high quality but by no means natural material. They come in a variety of lengths. A quick Duck-Duck-Go search will let you know what length is appropriate for you, based on your height.

I know you don't need 6 jump ropes, but when I looked around, individual jump ropes often cost as much as this set of 6, and I expect you can find a local organization that would be happy to have a few as a donation.
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I got a licorice jump rope from and am pretty happy with it. It's 5mm PVC, so not a natural material, but it's easy to customize the length and the slightly heavier weight is good for beginners. It also hurts a lot less than getting whipped by the skinny cable jump ropes. The company seems like a decent small business - they employ men with developmental disabilities to assemble custom beaded ropes.
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Aniola, let me check a little bit later today, I may have a jump rope I could send to you. I tend to be sort of overly quick to donate stuff I'm not using so my jump rope may have already gone to goodwill, but I'll let you know.
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