Does a tool exist to help remove PCIe cards?
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Trying to pull the graphics card out of a PC I purchased to replace it with a marginally better one. Reaching under the card to pop the clip on one side is difficult due to position and fat fingers: the other side is currently inaccessible due to fan // heatsink placement giving no clearance. Is there a tool to help with this or do I need to start removing fans?
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Response by poster: Forgot to add Things I Have Already Tried:

- flathead screwdriver
- plastic knife, broken in half
- my roommate's slimmer fingers
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Best answer: IME it's time to start getting other peripherals out of the way. I've broken one of these clips off before by forcing it, so . . . don't do that. Nowadays I usually use a heavy guitar pick on the clip if I need leverage.
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Best answer: (The lever/ clip usually isn't super hard to pop - double check that the screw/ retainer clip fixing the card in place has been removed; I just changed out a card and was flummoxed as to why it wouldn't gracefully pop out like they usually do. Duh. Removed the screw and the lever popped the card up with a gentle touch.)

But yeah, if there are other cards in the way, take those out first. Kind of like how modern cars are put together so efficiently that getting to certain parts are a PITA and that's why servicing parts that don't strictly need it are a thing - might as well take care of it since it's exposed anyway (after an hour+ of labour to expose a different part).
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Best answer: The best all purpose doohickey I've come across is... wood skewers for kebab like things. There are thin ones and thicker ones. One end is pointed the other is flat. They're just perfect slim strong wood sticks that solve so many different things. I don't think that I've ever skewered any sort of food, but I've used dozens of them for many a varied things.

Otherwise, yeah, just start taking thing apart until you can reach the thingy.
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wood skewers for kebab like things

Super-sized bamboo "toothpicks"/ hors d'oeuvre skewers? For sure. "Disposable" bamboo chopsticks, too.

Oh, skewers - yeah, those would be great and about 1/5th the cross-section of a chopstick.
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Best answer: Sometimes you just have to take it apart. Working on cars and computers always takes longer than you expect.
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Response by poster: After trying skewers, taking the damn thing apart turned out to be the better solution. Thanks all!
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