What would be good sources & advice for plantable Milk Thistle seeds?
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Looking for good, fairly priced sources of Milk Thistle (silybum marianum) seeds in US, Canada or perhaps even Europe. This purchase is for planting - a friend of mine would like to try it out in their garden before experimenting with a commercial plot. Also, advice about Milk Thistle cultivation would also be much appreciated! Thanks for any leads & tips!
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As to Europe, i think you will find it is considered an invasive species. It is in Sweden, I know.
So trading in seed would be prohibited here at least.
More details here
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This species is listed as invasive in California, Oregon, Washington, and Arkansas, and may be listed in other states too.

I'd encourage your friend not to cultivate it outside its native range.
Here in California, it can be gathered almost anyplace that cattle loaf around, usually in the shade or near water.
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