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What can I do indoors in a small space for cardio?

At the beginning of the pandemic I started a couch to 5k program. That went really well! In fact, it went so well that I decided to try a 10k program, but during that challenge I injured my foot. Since September, I have been gradually working up to 3 mile walks. I think that I am ready for more intense cardio, but my schedule has shifted and I am not sure how I can fit in runs during the week. I would like to do some type of activity after work that would prepare me for some weekend runs.

What can I do indoors in a small space for cardio? Here are some more specific questions:

(1) I really love Yoga with Adriene. The monthly calendar works particularly well for me. Is there an Adriene equivalent for cardio? Bonus if there is a cardio Adriene with a calendar?
(2) What type of equipment might make it easier for me to get some cardio in? A compact treadmill? A small trampoline? I have very very limited space for this, but getting some movement in is important to me.
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Best answer: This is a kind of "off the wall" suggestion, but try walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone
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Best answer: I've really enjoyed the kickboxing workouts from Fitness Blender and the cardio ones from Has Fit. Both are on YouTube. I think they have suggested calendars if you explore their main sites.
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Best answer: Fitness Blender has a great calendar feature and lots of cardio options. I have a toe issue but am able to modify/replace many of their standard exercises to ensure I’m not aggravating my toes. You may have to do some trial and error to weed out some of the routines that may take more floor space, but that’s also easy to do with the favorites feature.
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Best answer: $10 solution - a jump rope. 30 minutes of jogging each day for six weeks can be duplicated or exceeded in its cardiovascular benefits with 10 minutes of jumping rope each day instead.
10 round boxer workout: jump rope for 3 minutes, 1 minute rest = 1 round of boxing. Repeat ×10. Takes 45 minutes, basically equals several 8-minute miles.
Perhaps not indoors, depending on your situation. But I bet you can find an empty parking space with a high ceiling?
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Best answer: I like Leslie Sansone's programs too, but I find the music so awful that I turn it down and out in my own. There are only about four or five moves in any of her workouts, so once you’ve done a couple of videos you won’t need to listen much.
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If you are cool with yoga, glo.com has an “all you can eat” monthly subscription service that has a lot of more cardio-oriented classes of various lengths.
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Best answer: Came here to suggest FitnessBlender. Ditto hellogoodbye.
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Best answer: Darebee has a variety of cardio workouts.
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Best answer: They make digital "rope optional" jump ropes for indoor spaces.
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Best answer: The Nike Fitness app is free and has a lot of cardio workouts. Their premium workouts are (or were, last time I logged in a week ago) also free, which are led by professional trainers or sometimes athletes. You can filter by "no equipment," and find dozens of high quality cardio workouts ranging from 10m to 1h in duration.
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I broke my ankle pre-COVID and bought a cheap hydraulic rowing machine for cardio. I hesitate to recommend the specific one I purchased because I don't expect it to last and it fits a fairly narrow size range, but I'm a small lightweight person so the resistance is surprisingly good and it tires me quickly, and it stores in a closet which was mandatory since I don't have a dedicated space for it. Cheap rowing machines, or a bike trainer if you already own a road bike, would be good lower impact equipment options to mix in for someone with a foot injury.
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Leslie Sansone is great. She actually has a PhD. Her videos are calm and encouraging and deceptively simple. Her kettlebell DVD doesn't actually require a kettlebell - a couple of 5-lb hand weights do just fine.

I also love Jilian Michaels' 30-day shred. Only need a couple 5-lb weights.

MadFit on Youtube has great workouts of varying lengths, including some that require no equipment and are apartment-friendly (no jumping), if that's what you need.
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I'm a big fan of kettlebells.

For me, the problem with doing cardio at home is that it's *boring*. Kettlebells are great because some of the exercises require physical skill, so it's more engaging than running on a treadmill and the like.
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I loved my mini trampoline! Even though mine was designed to fold up when not in use I found it difficult and a bit scary to do so it stayed open. I even made a cushioned cover for it so it doubled as an ottoman/coffee table.

There are workouts on youtube & it is so easy to adjust intensity & it's really quiet. I used it as a stepper as well.

Now I get a chunk of cardio from wildly dancing/flailing to nostalgic tunes. The key is total abandon & I endeavour to be as un-selfconscious as I can be. I find it spiritual & healing as well as an absolute blast. :)
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If you like Yoga with Adrian, there is a subscription app on the Apple Store called PilatesAnytime that works on IOS and the AppleTV box with a ton of workouts. I think it’s like $25/month with a free trial period - personally, I like that it’s not free because then I’ll actually use it every week so I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. You can sort for mat pilates and different props. Pilates is not usually cardio, but the app has some videos with weights or other options where you will feel the burn.
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Youtube aerobics classes? One example.
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