Bracelet wearers, how do you?
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I want to wear this bracelet everyday, but I can’t do up the clasp by myself. I tried a magnetic clasp like I use for necklaces. Sadly, it wasn’t strong enough for a bracelet and I eventually lost the bracelet. Before I buy a replacement, any ideas on how I can get it on and off everyday? I think it will break if I sleep with it on.
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Magnetic clasp again, but add a safety chain?
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You can buy various types of helpers, either freestanding or held in the bracelet hand, that clip one end of the bracelet in place, leaving your other hand free to fasten the clasp to it.

I don't have room for those anymore, so instead I generally hold the bracelet between my wrist and the edge of a table, and use my other hand to fasten the clasp to it. It can take some practice with floppier bracelets, but you eventually figure out the right position to make it work.
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A toggle clasp?
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I do exactly as rhiannonstone says.
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You can make a bracelet helper out of a paperclip! (There are two other "hacks" there too).
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Try scotch taping the plain end to your wrist. Then you can work the clasp with your other hand.
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I just let the ring end droop over my wrist and hook it with the clasp. Or use my teeth to hold the ring and a mirror to aim the clasp.
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Another thing you can do is clip another bracelet onto the bracelet so that the weight of the second bracelet holds them both still. Then you close up the bracelet you want to wear and unclip the helper bracelet.
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Before you jump to replacing it, have you gone to a jeweler and asked their recommendation on changing it to something else?
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I use the scotch tape trick.
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