Who offers Passive House Tradesperson courses? Tell me about them.
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I am considering taking a tradesperson course. I plan on a building, U.S. There are 2 organizations; 1 North American, 1 German. What is the difference? What do they offer? How will they help me build a house, and do they lead to Certification?
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I'll be honest, your question doesn't provide enough information for people who don't know about the Passive House movement. I'm interested in alternate building technologies and I hadn't heard of it-- I had to google the term, and I'm not 100% sure that is the certification you are talking about.

I think your question is that you want to take a course to teach you how to build houses to this international standard? And you want to build this house in the USA.

In that case, how much do you know about traditional building techniques? And how much about working with General and subcontractors in the regulatory environment of the US? How much about local permitting? Because those are all things you will also need to know to build a house here. And in my opinion, those skills are probably more important than learning the five (very important) principles of Passive House design.

As far as the two groups offering actual Passive House certification, my instinct is that since it is originally a German concept, then you should go with the German one. They have the weight of experience and are the original visionaries.

If you could tell us a little more about your plans, and if my guesses are correct, that would probable elicit more useful answers. Passive House sounds like a great idea, and I am going to be reading up on it now that I know what it is.
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Linking to the two organizations that you're considering would probably help people provide useful answers to your question - but I'd presume that the American course has more immediate relevance to building a house in the US.
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I know how to build a house in the US.
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This page from the Passive House Institute US website gives their overview of the differences. When you're talking about the level of performance that it takes to reach passive house standards, it is very rigorous (and well beyond typical building standards), so I am personally agnostic as to which standard you should use.

Since you're in the US, I think PHIUS has the better local network fore expertise and resources, so you're more likely to find people who can answer questions regarding the standards than you would if you were PHI-aligned.
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I would ask at the Passive House happy hour, which is every Wednesday.
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