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One of the things I've always enjoyed is wearing "fun" boxer shorts with bright colors and fun prints. Some of my boxers are starting to get kind of old, and my usual go-to sources don't have a lot to replace them with.

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Generally, I like food (pizza, popcorn, eggs, sushi) or animal (panda bears, ducks, moose) prints, but I'm pretty open-minded. I have a handful of holiday/special occasional prints, and I generally like those, but I'm pretty well-stocked on those at the moment. I generally wear a lot of neutral colors, so fun-colored underwear is a nice counterpoint to that. I have a lot of yellows and oranges and lime greens. When my now-wife and I started dating, she started buying boxers for me as gifts, and so it has become a little thing for her to check on what boxers I'm wearing.

I grew up in the 90s, so my idea of shopping is going to the mall. With that in mind, nearly all of the underwear I own is from either Gap, J. Crew, or their respective outlet stores. Both have hit troubled times recently, and they've scaled back their underwear offerings as a result. That doesn't seem likely to change in the future.
I know there are a lot of other clothing retailers these days, but I'm generally don't shop there in general, and I'm not familiar with their underwear.

One of the great things about mall stores is that they're usually cheap, and even being cheap, they have sales on a regular basis. Regardless of list price, I generally don't have to spend more than $5/pair, which is nice. I don't mind paying a little more, but $20 for a pair of underwear is a little silly. $5-10 is the sweet spot.

I'm not interested in "boring" patterns like plaids or stripes, or innuendo- or "attitude"-themed patterns. I already know my underwear is covering my genitals, thanks.

Please don't suggest boxer briefs; if I wanted to wear boxer briefs, I would already be doing so. I just want a new source of fun boxers.

(I guess I should mention that I'm a guy.)

Any recommendations?
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Not cheap, but super comfy: meundies
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Old Navy has winter themed, food (tacos, doughnuts,etc.), camo, dinosaur.
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Gap Factory has food themed boxers (beer steins, pizza, bananas) for 5-6 dollars right now.
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I find a lot at Target, though the in-person selection is more interesting than what's listed at the link.
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I've never gotten patterned boxers from here, but I've gotten lots of socks and I've been very happy with the sock quality: Happy Socks. They're having a sale right now with all boxers less than $10, but they're kind of always having a sale if you can be a bit patient on stocking up. Their stock varies seasonally.
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If there's a Gap Outlet near you, they usually have great selection.
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I will second meundies even though they're outside of your price range a bit. Click the "adventurous" tab to see the current patterns.
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Gap Outlet, for sure. I buy them for my husband and they're usually hilarious (my husband has even warmed up to the non-solid-or-plaid approach).
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My husband’s preferred Fun Undies are Banana Republic boxers; they usually have a great selection of novelty prints and go on sale frequently. They’re very good quality as well.
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