Replacing the mechanism for a pull-out kitchen trash thing-o
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In my kitchen, we have a setup where the trash can and recycling are mounted in wire baskets on rollers that pull out of a compartment in a kitchen island, approximately like this. The rolling mechanism's busted, and appears to me to be irreparable, and I'd like to know if replacing it myself is a thing I could consider doing.

This all dates back to at least 2005, before we owned the house, and all of the cabinets around are Thomasville. It seems to me that it should be an easy matter of just buying a new set of rollers--maybe even something like that Wayfair link--and installing that. Is there something that I'm missing? Do you have any experience with this? Any tips/suggestions/warnings/etc?
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Check to see if yours is made using standard ball bearing drawer slides. This isn't particularly uncommon, and replacements can be found at places like Home Depot or Rockler.
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Pretty sure you can, yeah. Worst-case you have to yank the thing and install another... I installed one of these under my sink all by my lonesome -- it was mostly drilling for and driving screws.
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Very possibly it's just on standard drawer slides, perhaps heavy-duty. Home Depot should carry them. You might want to remove the unit and take one of the slides with you to compare it to what's available.

It's also possible Home Depot or Ikea carry the slide-out unit itself, though of course that would be more expensive.
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If I'm looking at replacements, is the relevant measurement how long the existing slide is in its most compact state? So, like, it compacts down to 28", I need a 28" slide?

(and thanks, all!)
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Yes. Also make sure they extend as far as the old ones. I think "full extension" is the term you're looking for.
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I've installed one -- all it is is mounting the bottom rail, and to the door, so just some screws. Rest of it just pops into place. Easy. Honestly cannot remember where I got ours, but I think I mail-ordered.

Look carefully at trash can volume; I ended up with one that does not mount to the door specifically so that the trash can is bigger. Ours is well sturdy enough even without mounting to the door.
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