Plan-B in the Age of Gilead
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What is a resource link that covers this topic that is not the toxic garbage fire of cosmo?


i see a lot of links, but i specifically need one that is from a respectable, sex-positive, feminist source that is not full of other garbage content and links.

shelf life, sources, use, cost, side-effects...

feedback from humans with wombs, and parents of humans with wombs welcome! thx!
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Best answer: Planned Parenthood
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Best answer: Scarleteen

An overview of how nobody seems to know for sure if Plan B works if you are over 165 pounds.
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Best answer: Here's a good comparison of Plan B and ella, which are both EC but different formulas.

As far as shelf life, EC comes with an expiration date. I think it's around a year. But in practicality, I know that in resource poor situations, it is often used successfully for several months after the expiration date.
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Best answer: Scarleteen is a really good resource for all things sexual health for young people. I also recently ordered some EC to have on hand from Nurx, and they have really thorough Q&A about all the different options for both EC and regular birth control. They helped me choose ella over Plan B by going through a quiz.
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Best answer: has very straightforward explanations of contraceptives and gives you a way to compare different versions. They also have feedback from users of every method where they talk about their experience. It is a thorough website and I recommend it to anyone who is learning about or choosing a contraceptive method. Their section on emergency contraception covers methods besides Plan B, like the copper IUD. They also have a section that can help users identify where to get the contraceptive they are interested in, costs, and other guidance about accessing it.
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Great links already shared. But, um, maybe you're not aware that Cosmo has consistently been a very vocal and relevant supporter of access to abortion and women's health care for literally decades. I say this as someone who is no longer in their target demographic, but who, as a teenager, learnt pretty much everything I know (that my parents and teachers were too embarrassed or never thought to teach me) from Cosmo and similar magazines. And as a teen, I knew plenty of girls whose parents would have FREAKED if they'd caught their daughter reading a pamphlet from Planned Parenthood, but turned an indulgent blind eye to 'teen magazines'.

Yup, Cosmo and the like have a lot of content about make up and celebrities too... But featuring low-brow frivolous 'girly' things in addition to pretty hard core reporting on sexual health and rights, doesn't make it toxic. As a cis/het/male/dad you are not Cosmo's target audience either, but that doesn't mean their Plan B coverage is wrong.
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