Suddenly I can't see MMS messages on Android sm-s111dl
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I don't know why after successfully receiving group messages and photos since March, a couple of weeks ago I started getting the circle of doom, it would show as a message -- and the message never would download.

It makes me weary to tell you all the things I've tried (via Google and the "help" manual build into the phone) but here are some: Cleared the messenger cache and data, checked the buttons inside the message settings (for example auto-download), tried unsuccessfully to put it in safe mode, uninstalled some recent but not vital apps, optimize....I haven't reset cause I can't find where the backup to the cloud is.

I'm not fond of this phone but I bought it during the pandemic (by recommendation, I might add) and can't afford another one right now.

Thanks all.
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What phone do you have?
posted by kindall at 6:31 PM on November 12, 2020

Who is your carrier?
posted by fritley at 7:33 PM on November 12, 2020

Have you tried a different app for messages than the default that came with the phone?
posted by AugustWest at 8:35 PM on November 12, 2020

I have the same problem, . I have scoured the Internet for tips on this. I have tried all the things you did, nothing really worked except rebooting OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until 12 hours later things finally downloaded. Sometimes it used to work if I started deleting text threads/voicemails. I'm not sure if deleting photos/apps is having any effect at all, though I've tried it since it seems to act up once the phone is "full" (it's usually at 29 GB and once it goes over 30 it seems to get pissy). And sometimes texts haven't been downloading at all for days I tried two different other messenger apps and one of them deleted text threads and neither one actually even partially downloaded the stalled texts and gave me no indication that some texts were jammed. Some people it is worse about downloading than others, esp. group texts. I sent an angry complaint,

There is no fix that I have found. About the only thing that worked the other night was that my AT&T router has two settings/channels, as it were, and after I set mine to the 5G one, it finally started downloading the giant textstorm my friends set off the other night. I'm not sure if that will always fix it or not, but that worked to download 90+ texts at once, finally....
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Response by poster: Android sm-s111dl -- did you mean something else?
I'll try looking for other message apps, although it worked perfectly til a couple weeks ago
It was full of photos, but I took those off a few weeks ago. I have but one button on my router. If you mean something else, I am clueless.
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Response by poster: And I just read the last part and switched to my 5G router. Sadly, I still can't make the MMS visible.
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Contact your cell provider. I had this problem with Ting (which is run on the T-Mobile network) and they sent me an email walking me though various steps to try. My solution ultimately had to do with adding a new APN profile, whatever that is.
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Yes, you should call support. This may be a problem with your APN settings, as Leontine says. Or maybe you're just out of data on your cell plan for the month? If you are out of data you will be able to use SMS but not MMS.

This has nothing to do with your home network or wifi router or wifi settings. It's also very unlikely that messing with alternate messaging apps will fix it.
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Response by poster: I need to update this. Fritley wins, I just needed data. Well, learn something every day. Thank you all for your suggestions.
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Sadly, my solution was to have to get a new phone, as mine decided it was utterly full, wouldn't let me delete enough to get texts any more, etc. Sigh.
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