Where do I find this material?
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As promised, I am making a stuffed puffin to ~100% scale. I need a sample-size quantity of this glow-in-the-dark fabric or similar. It's for the beak, since most people don't have the ability to see ultraviolet light. I don't use Amazon. 6"x6" should be more than enough. Where do I get it? Please advise!

Any in-person suggestions should be strictly within Santa Rosa or Sebastapol.

Also if there is some reason glow in the dark fabric is uniquely bad for the environment, please tell me.
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Looks like you can get it on Etsy.
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That Etsy listing says that the fabric doesn't actually glow in the dark. "This listing is for a half yard of Glow in the Dark (this does NOT actually glow - it is just the name chosen by the company)...."
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I would suggest glow in the dark vinyl also found on etsy or glow in the dark paint.
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This GITD Duck Tape patch from American Science and Surplus could work, by itself or adhered to a base fabric. They also have this medical tape.
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If your embroidery skills are up to it, you can buy glow-in-the-dark thread at craft stores or on eBay.
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Definitely go with a glow in the dark vinyl over fabric if the "glow" part is important to you. GITD material needs the pigment to glow... fabric dye is more like a stain, not a lot of pigment. (Plus the vinyl is shiny like a beak :) For sewing vinyl use a leather needle, and be careful bc if you have to change a seam, the stitch holes will/may show.
I bet you could get enough GITD vinyl from an inexpensive zipper pencil case or makeup bag. Plus it might be patterned/striped in a way that works.
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(Also GITD vinyl + GITD embroidery sounds badass.)
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