Greasy neck marks begone!
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I get oil massages and this has discolored the neck of a number of my jackets. They are discolored darker and look dirty. Let’s make them clean!

They are down jackets with polyester shell. They haven’t been washed previously and this is last seasons grease. I know what it’s from but it looks distasteful. How can I ... unseason ... these collars?

I will wetwipe my neck after massages going forward.
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Dishwashing soap scrubbed onto the collars that are wet will get the marks out. Then wash on delicate and drip dry or *watching very carefully* a few minutes in the dryer with tennis balls to fluff up. You only want a few minutes in the dryer so that the down and the polyester shell doesn't get harmed by the heat. If you have spray-n-wash that works great too.
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Oxyclean spray-on stain remover is amazing for grease. I've used it to successfully de-stain shirts with grease stains that were months old. I have been less successful with Spray & Wash.
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I’ve successfully used Goo Gone gel spray to get out chapstick stains, which seemed impossible - sprayed thoroughly and put through the laundry.
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I pointed mine out to a dry cleaner who dealt with it successfully.
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I wonder what the equivelant of Oxyclean is here in Europe, I have access to this Vanish Oxy Action, would it be the same do you think?

Is there a prefered "order of operations" here? Can a dry cleaner work magic after I've already tried washing? I gather that a wash will "set" the grease more firmly?
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