Refill my sock drawer for less
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It's coming up on wool sock season here in New Hampshire, and I find that my supply is mysteriously depleted (I blame the teenagers and/or the dog). I like SmartWool and Darn Tough, but they are pricy. Can anyone recommend comparable women's wool socks for less than $20/pair, preferably closer to $10?

I need about 10 pairs, so multi packs are fine. Prefer thinish, mid calf, non-padded or very light padding. Tight elastic tops are a dealbreaker. I'm not expecting top-of-the-line quality, but I am hoping they make it to spring without developing holes. Amazon is a wasteland of not-really-wool socks, and I don't do eBay.
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I’ve bought two four-packs of Costco women’s wool socks, and they’re a good value, thin enough to fit in shoes but warm enough, my three year old ones are just wearing out. I went with a friend who had a membership both times, I believe if you get someone to buy you a gift card that will also work. I think they were around $12 for four pair.
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Almost all of my Smartwool socks (and base layers) have come from Sierra Trading. There are several brick and mortar Sierra Trading here, but I find the online selection better. Here is what is available now If you signup for their emails, you get coupons, shipping breaks, etc periodically. I also have a few pair of Target's Alaska Knits wool/wool blend socks which I like.
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Costco has multi-packs of merino socks that are great - I've had some for years and they're still holding up well. They are a little thicker, like for wearing with boots or while hiking, but I think you could probably use them for everyday use without too much issue. And costco's return policy is great if you're not happy with them.
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I'm not sure if they meet your thinnish requirement, but I get a package of these per year. They last about two years, and I wear them almost every day in winter. Highly recommended.
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I was also going to link to Sierra's selection of Smartwool socks. (They seem to have switched their name from Sierra Trading Post to just Sierra.) REI also has some in your price range.
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I have one pair of Goodhew socks that are really comfortable. I like them at least as much as my Smartwool socks. I read that they're now sold as Sockwell Essentials. Here is Sierra's Sockwell selection.
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Wigwam have some amazingly warm wool/nylon socks: their 40 Below model (that link-in-haste might go to men's, but they have women's). I wear them every single day. They have no padding, loose tops, are calf length, and are just wonderfully comfortable and cozy. They don't really fit your thinish preference but do try them, they're so nice.
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Sam's in Keene sometimes has Smartwool socks on sale at reasonable prices. Right now, all socks are 20% off.
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Nothing is as good as Darn Tough, but I too am pretty happy with the packs of merino wool women’s socks from Costco and I think they meet all your requirements. Source: it has been wool sock season here in Alaska since the end of September.
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Just dropping in to second or third or fourth Sierra. They sell seconds and stock-outs, but lots of good stuff.

Also REI - they have discounts for buying three pairs of socks at a time.
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My Wigwam wool socks have outlasted Darn Tough, Smartwool and Costco variants by something like a decade. Definitely check out Sierra and also REI outlet - both online.
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Nth the Costco socks. Those are exactly what you're asking for, and as usual with Costco, very high quality. I have a few (sets) of those, they're my daily wear, and they absolutely hold up.
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I also swear by the costco merino wool socks if you have a membership or know someone who can grab you some. They should be in stock this time of year. They have different versions every year but regardless they've always been durable, high quality and warm (and reasonably priced too).
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Sam's in Brattleboro is selling Darn Tough BOGO right now, so they are $10 or less.
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Nth-ing Costco's wool socks - I haven't tried the thinner ones, but I wear the men's wool hiking socks with my steel toes every day and they're super comfy. I typically wear women's shoes in an 8 or 8.5, for reference, and the men's size 7-9 socks fit me.
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I should have noted above- the socks I linked above are actually the Costco socks, which you can just buy off of Amazon, wihtout a Costco membership, should you not have one. Kirkland is the Costco house brand.
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I had a friend buy me a pack of those Costco wool socks two months ago, as the ones I bought 5 years ago were just starting to thin out at the heel, despite not getting holes yet. They were 4 for $20, and do not appear to have changed in fit or quality since my previous purchase.
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Wow, the Monadnock region/SE VT is well-represented in this Ask! (Keene resident here.)

I have tried for years to find cheaper wool socks that are great. I've tried most of the suggestions in this thread, and I do agree that the Costco/Kirkland merino wool socks are really good for the money. Although they're all great suggestions, IMHO, you should not expect any socks to hold up as well as Darn Tough, or be as heavenly on your feet, or hold up as well w/out getting holes (esp. if your big toe sticks up like mine, or you have some other foot thing that lends itself to holey socks).

Usually, I would recommend the Darn Tough factory sale that would be happening around now, but I'm sure they're not doing it this year. Dumb damn pandemic.

I did the BOGO Darn Tough sale at Sam's last year, spent around $100 for two people, and don't regret it one bit.
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