Help me remember the title of this indie horror movie about a barista
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So to the extent I remember correctly, some spoilers ahead for this horror movie that I vaguely remember...also trigger warning if you can't stomach slasher-type films or descriptions thereof.

I saw this movie several years ago, on one of the streaming services (may have been a horror-specific one, like Shudder, but I don't think so). The entire movie involves this 20-something going through her daily routine - getting up, feeding her dog, going to work as a barista, going home, and repeat. It's actually really boring for a while.

At the end, friends come over to her apartment, I think for a party. It suddenly turns into a slasher, but I'm not sure you actually see the killing. (I think) the barista either leaves or is rendered unconscious, and when comes back (or comes to), discovers everyone dead. The juxtaposition of the hum-drum, boring, everyday routine and the ending is pretty disturbing.

Anyway, it wasn't that great of a movie, but I was talking to a friend who knows the obscurest of obscure horror movies, and it didn't ring a bell with him, so I'd really like to figure this out just for peace of mind!

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Entrance (2011)

Entrance trailer
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Oh my gosh, that's it! Thanks!!
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