Good examples of employee sketches on a website
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Hi, a company I’m working with wants a meet the team section with cartoons or sketches of the team, all done by the same artist. We’re trying to see what style suits our brand, so some examples of this being well done on other sites would be helpful - have you any great examples to share? Many thanks!
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Covatar has some great options and examples!
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If you have BIPOC on your team I would just be very careful about selecting a sketch artist who’s racially sensitive. 90% of the people who’ve ever drawn me have caricatured my features in racist ways, and in a workplace setting it would be uncomfortable to have to bring this up.
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The classic example would be The New Yorker.
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The New Yorker does this. I don't know if they're all by the same artist, but they're all in the same style.
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SketchUp as a drawing program had people create themselves as outlines, the Face Me components.
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Fiverr has tons of people that would do this for cheap, and a nice process to just charge a company card instead of setting up a whole agreement with a supplier, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! This is for a Black-led firm working with a POC artist who is proficient in a variety of styles, and the issues nouvelle-persone raises will be our priority. Examples of this sort of art being done well are very welcome.
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One common problem I see on company websites is spot-the-new-guy; 14 of the team members have the same style picture and then the two new hires at the bottom have nothing or are totally different. If it's likely the team might change or grow, you should consider this.

You might want to consider finding or commissioning a create-your-own avatar type system that everyone can use to come up with something visually consistent but that feels appropriate for representing them; that way, new team members could add themselves. This also could help with what feels appropriate for representation; I'm balding and fat and I'm not sure every artist could portray that in a way both that felt like me and not grotesque.
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Here is an absolutely lovely illustration style, done for The Correspondent
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The New Statesman has what I think are watercolour sketches of their staff writers, and they're really good!
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We just had this done for our podcast team... it's in a more modern/cartoony style.
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