Where can I buy more hair tie holders?
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I have a bunch of hair ties. Sometimes they come with a plastic ring that snaps open and closed. You can put your hair ties on it and they'll stay together. Where can I buy more of these??? I have searched every possible phrase that could describe these on aliexpress and they just don't come up. The ponytail rings look like this. I want maybe 10 and I don't care what color they come in. The so far tried names for the ring: ponytail holder keeper, hair tie ring, scrunchie holder.

The only other things that kind of come close are carabiners and shower curtain rings.
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Those look similar to opening O rings. Also here.
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Plastic snap rings?
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Loose-leaf binder rings would work - you can get them in the office-supply aisle at Target.
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I use those binder rings for this and all kinds of things, I adore them.
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shower curtain rings would work as well, a bit sturdier.
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Can get snapping key rings at any hardware store - would work for this.
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I use small aluminum carabiners to corral hair ties. They are thin, lightweight, very inexpensive and come in an array of colors.
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They make plastic rings for snapping kid toys to strollers and car seats that look like this.
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seconding shower curtain rings - color metals
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Any chance this is them?

I don't know what else something like this would be used for, but I have hair below my ears for the first time in my adult life only because of haircut quarantine so I don't know anything about long hair accessories.
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I have never seen this. And now I need to use something like that. Currently, I keep my hair tie/scrunchies in a plastic sandwich bag.
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Wow, you all found good substitutes! I will check them out! Phunnieme, those are really close. The ones I have are about as big as a bracelet and plastic.
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Would these binder rings work? Also known as book rings or loose leaf rings, for more options.
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"Hinged bracelet" and "hinged bangle" bring up some nice options for you, too, if you want something a bit fancier.
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I think you're describing a Pony-O. Ads followed me around on Insta and FB for MONTHS. (And now they will again, sigh.)
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Book Rings are super cheap at any office supply store and would perform the same function.
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