Why won't THIS phone see THIS quadcopter?
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I just bought an AEE Sparrow 2 QC. I also have a small Syma X20W. And I have two phones, a OnePlusOne and an ATT Calypso I. The OPO is out of the box and hosted by Consumer Cellular. The Calypso is just connected to the Internet through home wifi.

My assumption is I don't need a plan for a phone that's just going to be used for flying a QC. Both plans have downloaded the Sparrow app. The OPO detects the wifi signal from the Syma and the AEE. And the Calypso detects the wifi signal from the Syma, but not the Sparrow. Why?
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Best answer: My guess is WiFi bands, is the Sparrow in 5GHz (googling suggests it has 2.4 and 5 GHz) and the Syma in 2.4? If the OPO does both badns and the Calypso only does 2.4, that would explain why the Calypso only sees the Syma but the OPO sees both. You have to figure out how to tell the Sparrow to use 2.4 GHz instead.
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