URGENT How to save a young sea lion that's stranded on the beach?
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URGENT How to save a young sea lion that's stranded on the beach?

There's a juvenile sea lion on a beach near me. He rolled down a dune away from the ocean front. He's barely moving. It's hot. He's been there for a few hours. I spoke with the cops and navy, they're not doing anything. I'm thinking of rolling him onto a towel, grabbing it with one person on each end and dumping him in the ocean. Does this make sense? Is it dangerous to him or to me?
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Response by poster: He just got up and walked about a meter in the wrong direction.
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If you're in the US, here are the relevant contact numbers.
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Response by poster: Not in the us. Thanks for the info, we decided to leave him alone.
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Best answer: If the location information in your profile is correct (and he doesn't get back in the water), the second group mentioned in this list of marine mammal stranding network members may be able to help him, or might know who could.

Crossing my fingers.
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Response by poster: virago: good eye. I called them, they were aware and monitoring him, said it's normal, and if he was still there tomorrow they'd take him to a vet.
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Thank you for caring and being willing to help, whilst also (and here's the tricky part) not doing any harm accidentally.
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