Socially distant Sedona
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What to do with 3 days in Sedona end of December?

Presume that I want to maintain social distance, but also go for hikes, meditate in a vortex and writhe on a bed of crystals. What else would be fun? Two adults and two kids 5 and 1.5. Thanks everyone!!
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Best answer: Its highly dependent on what "social distance" means.

This is the standard vortex map you can pickup around Sedona.

Atlas Obscura doesn't have much in Sedona, but there are other nearby things. Roadside America is a little more help, some alien tours it looks like beyond the standard trails and architecture. But I always try to check those two before I take a driving trip.

I feel like there is a hotspring within a few hours but you'd have to do the research to know which are accessible or even worth going (or imported into google maps).

The Grand Canyon is ALWAYS worth it: it makes you more human, its awesome (by the literal defintion of the word). Check weather conditions sometimes its "socked in" in winter. But if you're up that way on the I-40, Bearizona represents everything "great" about America: one man's dream to own all the megafuana in the United States, as a drive in safari park, including his own herd of white bison (damn the cultural consequences): totally worth the car fee to get in.

Montezuma's Castle, Painted Desert, Saguaro, etc all worth visits depending on where you're coming from.
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Best answer: We enjoyed spending time at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace park. There are some nice walking paths and benches to sit and enjoy nature. The kids we saw there had fun following the circular paths and hiding.
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Re: "social distance"
As I am sure everyone in the US is experiencing, there are large discrepencies in defintions of social distancing. Bay Area distancing is very different than Southern California, and wow what a wild untamed beast Arizona "social distancing" can be. Having yet to be in Sedona, I've been told it represents the new-age meets conservative approach (i.e. "a personal choice"), but people were mostly wearing masks. There have been plenty of people traveling through. So its a self-selective bunch.

If you defined what you mean better: i.e. social-distancing = "I don't go indoors with people outside my house hold" vs "anything outdoors with masks" vs "I am happy to eat at restaurants if mostly everyone is wearing a mask" vs "as long as there are 6 feet between I'm up for anything", I'll try to make a few different suggstions. I was leaning closer towards the "far ar from people"/outdoors camp.
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Response by poster: Sure. By social distance I mean mostly stay away from people (we did a beach front house recently for eg), eating outdoors (and indoors only if really well spaced, or do take out) shop at one or two stores only but otherwise outdoor activities like bike riding and family friendly hikes or spiritual sites. Kids play at the park on structures provided it is mostly empty and or easy to keep distance. We are Buddhist so +++ statues and stupas!
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Best answer: For Arizona, Sedona is very well behaved as regards covid restrictions. This is blue country. We were there in September, and while I want to say that I saw a few folks dining indoors, every place I saw that day had outdoor dining. There may have been an ordinance, I don't know.

If you want to experience the outdoors, hiking is obviously great, and jeep tours are good, too. Social distancing is tougher to maintain on a jeep, but with the amount of airflow happening there is going to be zero viral load. My friends and I wore masks, and so did our driver, which if you ask me is beyond safe.
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