Help me find the perfect, specific flannel nightgown!
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My mom wants a flannel nightgown for Christmas. Should be easy, but she has many specific requirements. Snowflake details inside.

She wants it to be:

-warm flannel

- long (past knees but above ankles)

- v neck or at least not a high neck

- buttons at the front although it doesn't need to be able to be unbuttoned the whole way down

- long sleeves

- not plaid

For added difficulty, it must ship to Canada.

I have found flannel nightgowns but none so far that hit every criteria. Help me get her a cozy Christmas gift please!
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Vneck, calflength? based in Canada.
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Vermont Country Store has some flannel nightgowns that fit the criteria. It says to call for shipping to another country.
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Lands End says they ship to Canada with caveats. This is a good one especially if you order the "tall" to get the needed length.

Garnet Hill has some lovely non plaid prints and ships to Canada.

Herroom's site has Eileen West Flannel in many colors but don't know how functional the buttons are. They do ship to Canada
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As luck would have it I just bought one. This fits all of your criteria except the no plaid part. It's very comfortable and I'm mad it's been so warm this past week because I want to snuggle up in this again so bad. Cozy cozy cozy.
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Lanz of Salzburg has always been the go-to for flannel nightgowns. They ship outside the US, so I assume Canada is included. Here's one that meets your criteria, which comes in other non-plaid prints as well.
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I have been happy with flannel nightgowns from LLBean.
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I had flannel nightgowns from both Land’s End and LL Bean. Both were several years old when I got them used, but looked new. They both lasted a good ten years after that. So I can highly recommend the quality of both.

(I make my own now)
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I just ordered a hoodie from LLBean and it took four weeks to ship from Maine to Vancouver. The shipping service is slow and tracking is poor. Moreover the website prevents Canadian visitors from seeing the .com site - I was redirected to a llbean.ça and all prices were in $cdn (the hoodie is listed at $129 CDN and when I received it the tag said $79.00 US) The site offers a service called Borderfree which guarantees no extra fees and convenience, but given the very high markup and the long wait, I will not shop there again.
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The Bay has one that comes in a floral print as well as plaids.
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All Lanz of Salzburg nightgowns I've had that have buttons down the front have been roomer that the onesthat have a v-opening. I like them roomy.
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The Bay also sell PJ Salvage pajamas that are flannel and very soft (and get softer with each wash). Most of the offerings are not plaid, either.
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Thanks everyone! Ended up getting one in a tall length from Lands End, hadn't even thought of that option!
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