Finding Pharma Headhunters
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How do I find niche Job recruiters for this niche work I do. I negotiate contracts with Doctors who participate in clinical trials...

I am an "Investigator Contract Administrator." I'm up on Monster and what have you. However both times I moved positions in the niche have been based on being contacted by headhunters. Now that I want to move jobs, I can't find the people who I spent the last 2 years blowing off.

Any specific ideas? Any Pharma headhunters here reading ask Me-Fi?
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This may be what you mean when you say Monster et al, but have you tried Medzilla? I just started an HR job at a medical research company, and it's one of the places where we post positions and look for candidates.
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I know of a pharma headhunter who may be exactly what you are looking for. How do I get their details to you without publishing your, my and their details?
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OK - created throwaway account - email me at and I'll put you in touch.

Decrypt email address as follows: baaa=blue; wzzzzzzz=wardrobe
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