Origin of “never go to a second location”
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I frequently hear the crime tip that if someone accosts you, never go to a second location. Where was that line first used? There was a time lots of “safety tips for women” emails going around, and I wonder if it was in one of those. Since it’s always repeated in that exact wording, I feel like there was probably one place where that wording originated. Didn’t find it on Snopes. I just need the origin of that phrase, not its accuracy.
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I'm pretty sure it's John Mulaney's account of his childhood anti-kidnapping instruction.
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Best answer: I'm sure people said it before, but it exploded when it was said on Oprah in 1991, said by Sanford Strong. It became a whole pop culture thing.
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The first time I heard it was on 30 Rock, where Jack says to Liz “never go with a hippie to a second location.”
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And as Oprah says in that video, the prevailing advice up to that point was to go along with whatever the attacker wants - give them your bag, go wherever they want to take you, let them do whatever and don't fight in hopes they'd leave you alive. This advice, in this moment, instantly shifted the entire sentiment to "fight like hell, scream like a banshee, piss yourself, vomit, hit to incapacitate or kill if you have to, whatever it takes to stay where you are until help can be obtained or you can get away."

I'd taken self-defense classes years before then that taught to fight, incapacitate, scream, all that, but this particular chilling succinct instruction: "do NOT let them take you to a second location" really reframed things on a cultural level.
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Best advice ever: Don't yell "help," yell "fire!"
Nobody wants to come help you with your shit.
Everybody wants to see the fire.
I got jumped by 3 guys with baseball bats in an SUV late one night, remembered that, and every light in every window in a 3-block radius went on at once. The guys jumped back in the SUV and took off immediately.
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I remember Detective Bittenbinder, referenced in the Mulaney sketch, saying this on Oprah. Googling, it looks like he also appeared on the show in 1991.
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