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I know I am far from the first person to have noticed the goat (the animal)/GOAT (the acronym for Greatest Of All Time) pun. I would be shocked if no one has yet put together a web site (or tumblr, or twitter feed, or whatever) ranking goats to find the GOAT goat. But when I try to do an internet search for such a site, I just get sportsball results. Help me find the GOAT goat rankings with many photos of marvelous contender goats that I seek?
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Wouldn't that technically be GGOAT?
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Most state fairs will have a winner for various goat categories each year. So if you want to start looking at great goats, you can find them by searching /[state] fair winner goat [year]/

Most states don't have good galleries of past winners, but breeders like to brag. So eg here's a bunch of prize-winning goats to prime your pump.

Honestly GOAT goat seems like a great MeFi Projects thing, I bet there's plenty of interest and web scraping talent, both manual and automated.
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Kevin Horan is an artist that specializes in ungulates, and he has some really beautiful goats in his portfolio.
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/r/goats sorted by all time top is one listings of GGOATs. The subreddit's sidebar (possibly not apparent on a mobile browser) has some other goat-related subredddits, if it behooves you.
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