What host do you recommend for migrating a bunch of Django based sites?
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I need cheap(ish), reliable, simple webhosting for migrating a bunch of Django apps with different dependencies.

I've been using Webfaction for years, and have many clients' sites on it. They recently informed me they were getting acquired or something and the final line is I need new servers.

I need to move approximately 30 sites + databases. The sites are low to medium traffic. There's many different versions of Django and Python in use (I'd need python2 and python3). Each one has its own dependencies, usually handled through a virtualenv. I'm not using Docker or other similar methods.

Webfaction was: cheap, fairly easy to set up and pretty reliable. I need something similar. I was thinking Dreamhost, as I've used it and it's fairly straightforward. I know there's python and django specific hosts, but I've never used them.

The sites will transfer as is, I don't have the resources (time, budget, attention span) to make any changes at all to them at this point.
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Best answer: I used to work for WebFaction, until shortly after the business was sold by the founders. Some of my old colleagues started their own hosting service, Opalstack, very much modeled after WebFaction. For my own projects, I had to do some little adjustments to migrate, but it was very familiar. I'm biased, but I think it might be a good option for you.
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Response by poster: Thanks ddbeck, they actually brand themselves as a webfaction alternative. I'll look into it!
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Response by poster: Created a test account, looks like they took the good stuff from webfaction and fixed the dumb stuff, like autocreating a virtualenv for new django projects. Thanks, looks like a keeper!
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Hi guys--

I find myself in the same boat as signal, but luckily I just have one dear old friend's website which I built years & years ago to migrate.

I'm currently having neurological problems & the job is very much beyond me at the moment.

I'm looking for anyone who might be able to help. He doesn't have a lot of $$, but in that hopes that I might be able to underpromise & overdeliver, I capped the job @ $600 for him. Just to give you an idea. I'd imagine for the right person it would be just a couple-three hours of work.

Any help / guidance / tips, or better still, folks who might be willing to take on this job for my friend, would be very much appreciated.
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He sells music via mailorder, so if you like music, trade is an option. I should've mentioned that I told him I'd take half the fee in merchandise, even though I need more records like I need a hole in my head at this point.

I suppose you can sense my desperation, so I'll just stop talking now. :-/
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