Children's hiking/trail boots
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My four year old kid is an outside kid. I'd like to get him some fairly sturdy hiking/trail shoes.


*Hook and loop fastenings (laces are a no-go, we could do the type that cinch shut but velcro is the preferred thing)

*Easy to get off and on. He had Keen sandals this summer and they were a pain in the neck to get off and on and I ended up hating them so much. These hightops on the other hand have been amazing - fully velcro and the tongue isn't attached to the shoe except for the bottom.

*Not terrifically expensive. Kids grow and this kid combines that with the ability to destroy shoes.

*This isn't a google question - I've already done that and found so many options online that I couldn't distinguish what shoes were functional. I would like to know about shoes you've interacted with IRL.

*Available in the US and doesn't require us going to a brick and mortar store. We live in an area where covid numbers are rising rapidly.

Other information:
Kid is ok with a wide range of colors.
Some waterproofness would probably be a good idea as we live in an area that gets snow. He already has snow boots.
We aren't vegan so leather is ok.
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We got these boots for my 2 year old last year. We just got another pair cause we liked them. Easy to get on him which is saying something. I did order from Zappos since returns are so easy.
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My almost 4-year-old had these from See Kai Run last winter and the winter before --so, oops, I must have ordered way too big a size the first winter, but they held up over two seasons and he never seemed bothered by them being too big (or too small). They are waterproof but not so tall that they compromise running, jumping, climbing, etc. Insulated too, so they're warm. We've used them in snow and rain. And they have a nice wide opening at the top (I think the tongue is similarly connected only at the bottom) so he can put them on himself. I got him a new pair for this winter.

At $75 they are quite expensive but they're versatile enough that it seems worth it to me--he pretty much wears them every day in the winter, even if there's not much weather other than cold. There's a 10% off coupon if you give them your email.
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Merrell Bare Steps Ridge Hiker (waterproofish but not for snow hikes) or Sorel Whitney II Strap (winter boots that also work for hiking). They're not cheap but you can find sales, and they've been worth all the money I've paid for them. My kid could get them on/off herself even back when she was in preschool. (She can't do the Keen sandals either. I used to love Keen but they've really gone to hell lately; Merrell's the only place I know about making good kids hiking boots for <$80 now.)
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I don't totally get the suede part, but all weather mocs are one of the standard outdoorsy-kid shoes.
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My 4-year-old is on her second pair of these from Keen & they've held up well. Expensive for a kid shoe, but I've been able to find coupons.
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