Good online photography course with generative assignments?
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I have had a digital photography practice for a long time, but I'm finding myself in a kind of rut. I was hoping to find out if there were good opportunities for taking a workshop-type class that would get me out of my house and taking photos more often. What I'm looking for is just some hardcoded structure in my week with interesting prompts, rather than spending a number of weeks on technical aspects. Does something like this exist?

I know there are Udemy-type things out there, but I mainly wanted to be in conversation with real people and real conversations about each other's work with a facilitator who provides assignments. I bet there are community college courses like this, maybe? I'm in California, should that make a difference. I'd also just like having something like a photo buddy or group of buddies where we work on a different exercise every week and get together to talk about the results, for example.

It'd also be fun to take a bookclub-type approach to well-known photographers' work at the same time, too. I'm willing to spend a little bit of money, but not a lot.

I also welcome suggestions for existing curriculum and that kind of thing!

Thanks :)
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Best answer: something like a photo buddy or group of buddies where we work on a different exercise every week and get together to talk about the results

There's a local photography group where I am that has switched to online meetings. I think they are more interested in having people from the local area, or at least with some sort of current or future connection with the local area, on their online group though. Have you checked meetup for your area, or looked for photography facebook groups in your city? So many groups are switching to online meetings.

Even if you find a group for a type of photography in your area that doesn't interest you, you might try it out and ask around for groups for other photographic specialties.

Might also try some google searches off meetup, the meetup fees can be excessive so some groups have "meetups" but don't organize them through the site.
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Best answer: This course Photo Meditations might be relevant? If not, maybe the course description could give you ideas.

I recently finished a different course from the same teacher, and I love her down-to-earth approach. The Facebook group for my course is still very active, even thought it's been a couple of weeks after completion.
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Response by poster: That Photo Meditations class looks perfect! Just the kind of thing I'm looking for!
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