Robe recommendations for winter hot tub use
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This is our first winter with a hot tub in our backyard and I'm looking for recommendations for robes that will keep my husband, daughter and I warm as we go to and from the house and the spa.

We're located in southern Ontario so our winters are cold, but not usually extreme (and we do have some common sense about when to go outside or not!).

I don't care if they match, or are even the same brand - I just want us all to be warm. Our sizes are all over the map: men's L/XL, women's plus size, and a women's XS.

I've been looking at robes at LL Bean's Canadian site and they look promising just because there are longer options than mid-calf and their sizing covers all of us. However, if there are other options that would work, I'd love to hear about them. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I don't mind paying for quality to get the cost-per-wear down. I'd prefer to buy from a Canadian site to avoid USD exchange shock, but I know that narrows my options significantly.

I looked at this thread from 2017, which had good info but felt more summer-focused.
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The magic phrase to look for is lined swim parkas. It's what competition swimmers wear on deck and they are designed for that environment. The only downside is that they are generally about 75$, but you will never find anything better. Terry cloth or other lined robes (sometimes labeled as a swimmer robe) are like 45$, but I've had both and the 30$ is worth the difference.
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You want Dryrobes. They are worth every penny.
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As a spa-haver, I will tell you the one thing I hate about most of the robes I've bought that weren't real for-real terrycloth: only cotton wicks. Fleece doesn't wick, poly blend doesn't wick, shitty cheap low-pile terry doesn't wick. What they do is get wet on the surface and stay wet on the surface, so that you are wearing a robe of freezing cold water that is wearing a robe of fabric. Haaaaaaate.

So my rec is to get everybody the classic-style thick cotton terrycloth towel-fluffy belted robe. Get everybody a different color so you can tell them apart, but if you can at all avoid it don't get white. When you take a white bathrobe outside, it turns feral. But you may have to just to tell them apart.

Do not get fleece, do not get flannel. I have my doubts about sherpa. Most of those are best at slightly repelling water, you want a thirsty fabric.

I also like to take a cheap large soft-side type cooler and throw a couple hot water bottles or microwaveable heat packs in the bottom, and disrobe into the cooler, so they're a bit warm when you take them out.
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Southern Ontario hot tub owner here! I bought two LL Bean terrycloth robes for this purpose and they are great. I do a cursory dry off of my lower half with a towel and then immediately get into the robe. They warm up to your body temperature quickly, wick away the water, and are thick enough to keep you reasonably warm as you dash back into the house. We use our hot tub on wildly cold nights and reasonable nights, too, and the LL Beans have worked perfectly for me.
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Came in to recommend lined swim parkas. Amazing.
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I’ve been in a similar situation with access to a hot tub during a Colorado winter. Totally agree that absorbency is the most important thing. Terry cloth is great for this, but I had a thick Turkish cotton waffle weave robe from Macy’s (currently unavailable but there are plenty like it) that was just as warm and absorbent as my partner’s terrycloth version, and I personally preferred the texture and feel of mine. Don’t forget the slippers that can stand a bit of water and will keep your feet cozy as you go back and forth!
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