Resources for single parenting by choice
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Hi, looking for the best resources for single parenting by choice, including both physical (e.g. books, documentaries) and digital (websites, groups on facebook or other similar online groups). I would be the birthing parent in this scenario and would likely be using donor sperm, although I might also consider coparenting with a male friend. NYC and Boston/MA-specific resources particularly helpful. Thanks!
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Best answer: I'm sure you've run across them already but if you are comfortable identifying as a "mother" people I know have very good things to say about Single Mothers by Choice in terms of helping them find local support, resources, and other moms near them to hang out with.
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Best answer: Andrea Silenzi did a series about considering single parenthood called "The Single Lady's Guide to Sperm Shopping" for the podcast The Longest Shortest Time. She includes resources on how to choose a sperm bank, social media accounts you can follow, and even movies about sperm donation.
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Best answer: There are three really good things I recommend:

1) Molly Hawkey's podcast, 'Spermcast' – she's currently 41 and pregnant with donor sperm. I think we're a few seasons down the line now so you might find the archive very useful.

2) Emma Brockes' book, which is extremely well-written and just great: 'An Excellent Choice'

3) Genevieve Roberts' book: 'Going Solo', which is more UK-focused but still very, very good.
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