Noisy ice cream-maker motor
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An ice cream maker that sat unused for a long time is CRAZY LOUD when we use it. Any suggestions on making it quieter?

We have a Cuisinart model ICE-21 ice cream-maker that we love. My sister-in-law gave us her unappreciated, underused ICE-21 to have as a spare/extra.

She hadn't used it in some time, and when we run it the motor is VERY VERY LOUD. Like "shout at each other to be heard" loud. We know what a normal, quiet unit sounds like, because we have one -- and this other thing sounds like a rock crusher!

I have run it without the bucket & dasher, and it's perfectly quiet until there is some resistance (i.e., when I grab the knob and hold it back a little) -- at which point it roars. The gears looks fine (though the grate in the base), and I can see adequate white grease on the gear teeth.

Is this because it sat for so long? Did the lubricant in the motor dry up, or run to the bottom of the engine case or something? If I run it upside down for a while, will it get quieter?

Thanks for any advice: we'd love to add this to our fleet as a daily driver!
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Sounds to me like a lubrication issue.
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You might contact Cuisinart, whether or not the machine's within the 3-year warranty; the company's aware that a screeching rock-tumbler noise (starkly different from the standard ice-cream maker ruckus whch often startles new owners) can develop with this model. Per the complaints in negative reviews (example), it seems that either plastic gears (not visible through the grate) are damaged during operation, even early on, or the motor shifts off-center at some point in the proceedings. While "the base does not contain any user-serviceable parts" opening it up for a closer look is an option; sheared gears may make it a write-off. Otherwise, re-seating the motor could help? But again, I think contacting the company may be your best bet. One of the ways you know this unit's malfunctioning is the unflattering comparison to your reliable, same-model ice cream maker; give Cuisinart the opportunity to be shocked (shocked) by defects in its manufacturing process, and offer options.
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