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What is the easiest and most user-friendly way to share recipes with people online? Basically, I'd like a place where my colleagues and me can add recipes so they will be easily located and have the same basic layout.
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I use the whisk app to share recipes with my wife - you do need an account but it has an optional OCR add on for reading from recipe books that is super handy, plus you can create shopping lists from what you add. I don't know if it might be a little involved for what you want, though! Before that we were just using a Google document with headers and a new page for each recipe, which worked fine.
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In the past I used a free blog for this. I only used it for myself, but you can have multiple authors.
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If you end up just using a free wordpress blog, this checklist could help you standardize the recipes. (self-link, relies heavily on the recipe writer's handbook)
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Best answer: My wife and I use Copy Me That to collect recipes together - once you sign up for an account you can put a bookmarklette in your browser so that any time you're on a site that has a recipe you like, you just click the "Copy Me That" button and it ... copies you that. The glorious part is that it strips out all the blather that happens before the recipe - you just get the recipe. Your saved recipes are searchable by ingredient or title. Maybe you and your colleagues could all use the same account to share?
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Best answer: Food bloggers hate Copy Me That because they violate copyright and are just absolutely nasty to try to deal with. Just throwing that out there, in case ethics, copyright, and not supporting a company like that matters to anyone.
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For free recipe sharing site you can use Craftlog, Kitchen Stories ,these are mobile apps where you can easily share your recipe.
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