Where can I get a wearable, reusable heating pad for menstrual cramps?
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I am looking for a heating pad for menstrual cramps that I can wear, that is reusable, and that lets me walk around (no cord connecting me to a wall).

I have absolutely brutal menstrual cramps. Naproxen will take the edge off, but I have to keep a heating pad on if I want to have any hope of doing anything. Being tethered to a wall for 4-5 days every month is limiting.

I've been using these heatwraps from Robax when I absolutely must, but the cost adds up, they're sized and shaped more for use on the lower back (and for people larger than my 5'3" size 4 frame), and it feels very wasteful.

I want something kind of like these mitten warmers where you can reuse and charge it, but it's designed to actually heat the areas that cause me pain. That means something that sits between the pubic bone and the iliac crests. It should not come up higher than the top of the crests - if it's tall enough to come up to my belly button it makes me feel sick.

It should
* have some sort of adjustable and washable belt to wear it in
* be good for at least 2 hours of warming before charging
* have some kind of safety so it doesn't scorch me

Wants but not needs:
* a battery life of 6-8 hours
* slim fitting enough to wear under comfy clothing
* breathable belt material so I don't end up swimming in sweat/can use it in the summer
* additional heat across the lower back
* separate on/off for heat on front vs back
* adjustable heat level controls

I've googled, but haven't had any luck. Maybe you have this product or make it? Maybe you're better at google than me? Please help me leave my couch while I have my period!
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Googling "cordless heating pad" turned up a number of options. I can't speak to any of them, but now I want to try one of these.
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Do you have a copper IUD? I never had cramps like I did with the copper IUD -

Honestly I only found something wearable that was disposable - and you're looking for reusable.

The only thing that worked for me was the 8 hour Robax self-heating pads. They were expensive, wasteful, but also seamless under clothing and able to be moved around from back to front as required while I was working.

But ultimately I got that (expletive) copper IUD out and my cramps are 1/10th what they were.
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It's not reusable but if you're near a Dollar Tree look in the health/beauty section for a back pain "heat patch". They are very effective for me, quite comfortable to wear, and last all day. There are 2 in a pack. I love them. They do take a long time to heat up, like an hour or more, so you might need to supplement during that time with an electric heating pad or rice bag.
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My imperfect solution to this problem is to use a single disposable hand warmer (this type of thing) held in place by my underwear or, if I'm feeling fancy, a few strips of medical tape. They're not as good as the ThermaCare Wraps (which, coincidentally, do come in a menstrual-cramp specific variety that may fit you better?) but they are very cheap, small enough to wear with jeans and stay warm at least 4 hours. I got a big box at Costco ages ago and they're still going strong.
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I would love to know a more sustainable option, because I use Thermacares and hate how wasteful they are! But they do have a great size/shape for cramps if you want to try that.
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I would get something like a running belt (which should be adjustable, breathable, and washable) and then look for a small warmer that fits inside.

My roommate used to use reusable heat packs like these for cramps. They're small and flexible, unlike most of the options linked above, although they don't last quite as long as you'd like. Those rechargeable battery-type handwarmers would probably fit too.
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Not an answer to the question posed, but might help you or others reading this. When I used to have absolutely debilitating cramps, Ponstan was a lifesaver. I could tell when 45 minutes was up, because that's when I felt better. Hope you find something that helps soon. Don't miss that *at all.*
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