What was the end of this story I heard on NPR?
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NPR glitched halfway through a great story. Can you point me to the ending?

Yesterday at probably around 8:30 pm eastern time I was driving and listening to NPR now on Sirius XM. I was listening to a first person account of a story, in a format I usually associate with the Moth or StoryCorps. All of a sudden, there was a glitch and the broadcast went straight into another program, halfway through the story. I’d really like to know the end, but I’m not sure what I was listening to. Can anyone point me to the end of the story?

As told, it was about an American mother who went to China to adopt a daughter who was four years old. I think the daughter’s name was Jacklyn? At the orphanage, this little girl had been “in charge” of minding two younger toddlers and considered them “her babies.” She was so attached to one of these younger kids, that he was all she spoke of for many months, and as she learned English, all she wanted of her adoptive mother was for her to bring back this younger child she had so bonded with. She pled with her mom to make space in the home for this little boy, offering to share her bed and seat at the dining table.

Her adoptive mother had been emailing folks about this persistent attachment, and unbeknownst to her, the emails started getting forwarded along to the orphanage....

And that’s where the story stopped.

I gotta know if these kids were reunited. Does anyone know what program I was listening to, and how to find it online? Or, at a minimum, if someone heard it all the way through, can you reassure me there was a happy ending? All the google search terms I’ve used to try to find this story have failed me.

Thanks, everyone.
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Looks like On Point is playing at that time. Their program for yesterday -- "What's On The Mind of North Carolina Voters" doesn't look much like what you're describing, though?
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Was it told by the mother or by the daughter?
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It was told by the mother.
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Ah! I knew it sounded familiar. It's an old Snap Judgment, per NPR Help on Twitter replying to somebody else with your same question.
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YES! That is it! Thank you knile. I would have never found that on my own. Metafilter for the win again!
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Okay but now could someone please spoil it for those of us who can't listen to the audio?
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teremala, the kids were reunited with the help of people who were moved by the story and donated money and pulled strings to expedite the adoption. The little boy was adopted by Jacklyn's aunt and they now live 20 min apart.
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