Publications in France that might publish literature in English?
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Publications in France (& other non-English speaking countries) that publish literature (stories, etc) in English?

Back in the 20th century heydays of expats, there were plenty of publications in France that would exclusively or partially publish literature in English (stories, poetry, essays, etc). Are there any now?

Other than the once-a-year journal AMERICA founded in 2016 (which does so exceptionally, in side by side translation), cannot find any, prominent or obscure.

For that matter, does anyone know of other publications in any non-English speaking countries (Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, etc) that do so?

Thanks much, knowing hive mind.
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Response by poster: Oh: Italy would also be of interest
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The Paris Review
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The Paris Review has been headquartered in New York since 1973.
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The only thing that comes to mind is Books and Ideas, an English translation of La Vie des Idées. They publish "essays, reviews, and interviews on a weekly basis." So essays, but not fiction or poetry.
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Where To Submit Internationally — updated as of last year.

Reading Around the World: International Literary Journals — some overlap with the prior article.

Maybe The Florentine Literary Review?
Submission guidelines
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Paris Lit Up's magazine
WICE's Upstairs at Duroc magazine.
You might like the Map World Literature blog.
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